Merging People & Property

Merging People & Property

About Our Agency

Diamond Estate Agents is a boutique agency that prides itself on being able to help their clients with all thing’s property. We
are not confined by the traditional real estate boundaries when it comes to planning on buying, selling, adding to your investment portfolio, or requiring land. You will have our professional guidance throughout the process.

Having been in the business for more than 10 years, our team knows the ins and outs of the real estate industry.
When you choose to have us as your property partner, you experience a service that is a cut above the rest.
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Choose an Agent

The best advice is to choose an agent who provides friendly service, knowledgable information and knows the local areas.
Our agents are here to help take the stress out of selling. Remember, selling a home is quite a collaborative process so
having a good relationship along with open communication with an agent is a must.

Once you’ve selected an agent to manage your sale, you will be asked to sign an Agency Agreement which outlines fees,
expenses, authority period and what you can expect to pay the agent, so no hidden charges.

Method of Sale

when working with you to decide the best method of sale for your property, our agent will consider a method based on your property’s style, location, current market condition and timeframe. The right method of sale is, ultimately the one you feel comfortable with.


• Unconditional sale, which means buyers cannot buy subject to finance or settlement
• Fixed time frame for the sale
• Pressure is on buyers to decide
• Greater likelihood of a higher sale price if multiple buyers bid
• If unsold reverts to For Sale

For Sale

• Buyers can purchase subject to finance or settlement
• More flexible time frame for buyers and sellers
• Good conditions for first home buyers
• 60 days on average to sel

Pricing Your Home

The most important question you will face is what the price is you should ask for your property. When pricing your home accurately, it will help your property reach maximum buyer interest and achieving a sale more promptly.

You certainly do not want to sell too cheaply, nor do you want to set it too high, which therefore is overpriced preventing your
property from being sold. Keep in mind the agent does not set the price, the seller does not set the price, it is the market that will determine the price.


One of the most important factors involved in selling a home is marketing to potiential buyers.

Each marketing campaign is customized expecially for you by quality services such as signage, photography, property brochure’s, copywriting and online-marketing . If you wish to make changes, we are more then happy to discuss with you.

Real Estate Business Work Money Concept

We know how to draw attention to

your property in an active marketplace